2001 ch. 16.6hh (1.69m)
Sunday Silence – Scarlet Bouquet
2020 Fee : JPY6,000,000

Proven juvenile leading Sprinter/Miler sire.
Sire of Champion 2yo colt in 2018 Admire Mars winning Hong Kong Mile and NHK Mile Cup at 3 and Champion 2yo filly in 2019 Resistencia.



Sunday Silence
1986 br.
1969 dk.b.
Hail to Reason Turn-to Royal Charger
Source Sucree
Nothirdchance Blue Swords
Galla Colors
Cosmah Cosmic Bomb Pharamond
Banish Fear
Almahmoud Mahmoud
Wishing Well
1975 b.
Understanding Promised Land Palestinian
Pretty Ways Stymie
Pretty Jo
Mountain Flower Montparnasse Gulf Stream
Edelweiss Hillary
Scarlet Bouquet
1988 ch.
Northern Taste
1971 ch.
Northern Dancer Nearctic Nearco
Lady Angela
Natalma Native Dancer
Lady Victoria Victoria Park Chop Chop
Lady Angela Hyperion
Sister Sarah
Scarlet Ink
1971 ch.
Crimson Satan Spy Song Balladier
Mata Hari
Papila Requiebro
Consentida Beau Max Bull Lea
Bee Mac
La Menina Royal Charger
Your Hostess

Inbreeding / Almahmoud 4S×5D, Lady Angela 4D×5D, Royal Charger 5S×5D


Age Country Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings
2JPN1010JPY 2,800,000
3JPN72(1)01(1)JPY 153,067,000
4JPN51(1)2(2)0JPY 103,449,000
5JPN84(4)1(1)1(1)JPY 473,360,000
6JPN62(2)02(2)JPY 269,554,000
Total289(8)4(3)5(5)JPY 1,002,230,000
  • 5yo (2006) JRA Best Sprinter or Miler
  • 6yo (2007) JRA Best Sprinter or Miler
Age FP Race Name · Grade Race Course Dist. Finish Time
31stSatsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas)-LNakayamaT2000m1.58.6
3-Year-Old MaidenNakayamaD1800m1.56.4
3rdSpring Stakes-LNakayamaT1800m1.48.5
41stLord Derby Challenge Trophy-LNakayamaT1600m1.32.3
2ndMile Championship-G1KyotoT1600m1.32.1
Sekiya Kinen-LNiigataT1600m1.32.4
5thMainichi Okan-G2TokyoT1800m1.47.0
51stTenno Sho (Autumn)-LTokyoT2000m1.58.8
Mile Championship-G1KyotoT1600m1.32.7
Mainichi Okan-G2TokyoT1800m1.45.5
Milers Cup-G2HanshinT1600m1.36.2
2ndNakayama Kinen-LNakayamaT1800m1.49.7
3rdArima Kinen (The Grand Prix)-LNakayamaT2500m2.32.5
4thTakarazuka Kinen-G1KyotoT2200m2.14.1
Yasuda Kinen-G1TokyoT1600m1.33.1
61stYasuda Kinen-G1TokyoT1600m1.32.3
Mile Championship-G1KyotoT1600m1.32.7
3rdArima Kinen (The Grand Prix)-G1NakayamaT2500m2.34.2
Dubai Duty Free-G1Nad Al ShebaT1777m1.48.7
Mainichi Okan-G2TokyoT1800m1.44.5


Daiwa Major entered stud in Japan in 2008. He was crowned Japanese Champion Two-Year-Old Sire in 2015.

In 2019, Resistencia captured the Grade 1 Hanshin Juvenile Fillies and awarded Best Two-Year-Old Filly in Japan, and his three-year-old colt Admire Mars added two G1 victories to his tally by winning the Grade 1 NHK Mile Cup and the Group 1 Hong Kong Mile. Other than the two G1 winners, Bulldog Boss took the Jpn1 JBC Sprint on dirt.

He was ranked seventh on the Japanese Leading Sire list in 2019.


  • Admire Mars(2016, chestnut, colt) Via Medici (IRE) by Medicean (GB) PHOTO >

    2018 JRA Best 2-Year-Old Colt
    10 starts 6 wins in JRA & HK, Earn JPY273,525,000, HK$14,250,000
    1st: Hong Kong Mile-G1 (Sha Tin, T1600m), NHK Mile Cup-G1 (Tokyo, T1600m), Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes-G1 (Hanshin, T1600m), Daily Hai Nisai Stakes-G2 (Kyoto, T1600m), Chukyo Nisai Stakes-OP (Chukyo, T1600m); 2nd: Kyodo News Hai-G3; 4th: Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1

  • Nac Venus(2013, brown, mare) Ready to Please (USA) by More Than Ready (USA) PHOTO >

    38 starts 8 wins in JRA, NAR & HK, Earn JPY351,636,000, HK$320,000
    1st: Keeneland Cup-G3 (Sapporo, T1200m), Lapis Lazuri Stakes-L (Nakayama, T1200m), Aoi Stakes-L (Kyoto, T1200m), Carbuncle Stakes-OP (Nakayama, T1200m) twice, ORO Cup-OP (Tokyo, T1400m); 2nd: Ocean Stakes-G3 (4 times); 3rd: Takamatsunomiya Kinen-G1, Hakodate Sprint Stakes-G3, Keeneland Cup-G3; 5th: Silk Road Stakes-G3, Keeneland Cup-G3 (twice)

  • Bulldog Boss(2012, bay, horse) Lyphard Cannes by Danehill (USA) PHOTO >

    40 starts 12 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY352,051,000
    1st: JBC Sprint-L (Urawa, D1400m), Cluster Cup-L (Morioka, D1200m, NTR), Muromachi Stakes-OP (Kyoto, D1200m), Chiba Stakes-OP (Nakayama, D1200m), Uzumasa Stakes-OP (Kyoto, D1200m); 2nd: Tokyo Hai-L (twice), Sakitama Hai-L, Kakitsubata Kinen-L, Cluster Cup-L; 3rd: Capella Stakes-G3, JBC Sprint-L, Oval Sprint-L, Kurofune Sho-L; 4th: Tokyo Sprint-L (twice); 5th: Negishi Stakes-G3, Tokyo Sprint-L, Kakitsubata Kinen-L, Cluster Cup-L

  • Curren Black Hill(2009, dark bay or brown, horse) Charleston Harbor(USA) by Grindstone(USA) PHOTO >

    22 starts 7 wins in JRA, Earn JPY332,847,000
    1st: NHK Mile Cup-G1(Tokyo, T1600m), Mainichi Okan-G2(Tokyo, T1800m), New Zealand Trophy-G2(Nakayama, T1600m), Lord Derby Challenge Trophy-G3(Nakayama, T1600m), Kokura Daishoten-G3(Kokura, T1800m); 4th: Milers Cup-G2; 5th: Tenno Sho(Autumn)-G1, Kinko Sho-G2 ; sire

  • Copano Richard(2010, dark bay or brown, horse) Higashi Lynx by Tony Bin(IRE) PHOTO >

    22 starts 6 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY304,507,000
    1st: Takamatsunomiya Kinen-G1(Chukyo, T1200m), Swan Stakes-G2(Kyoto, T1400m), Hankyu Hai-G3(Hanshin, T1400m), Arlington Cup-G3(Hanshin, T1600m); 2nd: Hanshin Cup-G2; 4th: Mile Championship-G1; 5th: Takamatsunomiya Kinen-G1 ; sire

  • Daiwa Maggiore(2009, bay, horse) Fanjica(IRE) by Law Society(USA) PHOTO >

    42 starts 7 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY300,578,000
    1st: Keio Hai Spring Cup-G2(Tokyo, T1400m), Hankyu Hai-G3(Hanshin, T1400m); 2nd: Mile Championship-G1, Swan Stakes-G2, Kinko Sho-G2, Tokyo Shimbun Hai-G3, Lord Derby Challenge Trophy-G3; 3rd: Hanshin Cup-G2; 5th: Swan Stakes-G2, Nakayama Kimpai-G3, Challenge Cup-G3

  • Sunrise Major(2009, chestnut, horse) Tiffany Touch(USA) by Deputy Minister(CAN)

    43 starts 8 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY268,867,000
    1st: Capital Stakes-L(Tokyo, T1600m), Yonago Stakes-L(Hanshin, T1600m), Tanzanite Stakes-OP(Hanshin, T1400m); 2nd: Keio Hai Spring Cup-G2, Swan Stakes-G2, Milers Cup-G2, Akhalteke Stakes-OP, Azuchijo Stakes-OP; 3rd: ORO Cup-L, Port Island Stakes-L, Kakitsubata Kinen-L; 4th: Hanshin Cup-G2; 5th: Milers Cup-G2, Lord Derby Challenge Trophy-G3

  • Major Emblem(2013, chestnut, mare) Catchy Title by Opera House(GB) PHOTO >

    2015 JRA Best Two-Year-Old Filly
    7 starts 5 wins in JRA, Earn JPY243,107,000
    1st: NHK Mile Cup-G1(Tokyo, T1600m), Hanshin Juvenile Fillies-G1(Hanshin, T1600m), Queen Cup-G3(Tokyo, T1600m); 2nd: Artemis Stakes-G3; 4th: Oka Sho(Japanese 1000 Guineas)-G1

  • Reine Minoru(2014, chestnut, mare) Daiwa Angel by Taiki Shuttle(USA) PHOTO >

    20 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY230,091,000
    1st: Oka Sho(Japanese 1000 Guineas)-G1(Hanshin, T1600m), Kokura Nisai Stakes-G3(Kokura, T1200m); 2nd: Fillies' Revue-G2, Keio Hai Nisai Stakes-G2; 3rd: Hanshin Juvenile Fillies-G1; 4th: Mile Championship-G1, Queen Cup-G3

  • Miss Panthere(2014, bay, mare) Aile de Courage by Symboli Kris S (USA) PHOTO >

    14 starts 6 wins in JRA, Earn JPY219,170,000
    1st: Hanshin Himba Stakes-G2 (Hanshin, T1600m), Kyoto Himba Stakes-G3 (Kyoto, T1400m), Turquoise Stakes-G3 (Nakayama, T1600m) twice; 2nd: Tulip Sho-G3; 5th: Victoria Mile-G1, Kyoto Himba Stakes-G3

  • Epice Arome(2009, chestnut, mare) Ratafia(USA) by Cozzene(USA) PHOTO >

    22 starts 4 wins in JRA, Earn JPY211,016,000
    1st: Centaur Stakes-G2(Hanshin, T1200m), Kokura Nisai Stakes-G3(Kokura, T1200m), Opal Stakes-OP(Kyoto, T1200m); 2nd: CBC Sho-G3, Tulip Sho-G3; 3rd: Centaur Stakes-G2, Kitakyushu Kinen-G3; 4th: Sprinters Stakes-G1, Hanshin Himba Stakes-G2, Keihan Hai-G3; 5th: Hankyu Hai-G33

  • Resistencia(2017, bay, filly) Malacostumbrada (ARG) by Lizard Island (USA)

    6 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY208,126,000
    1st: Hanshin Juvenile Fillies-G1 (Hanshin, T1600m, NTR), Fantasy Stakes-G3 (Kyoto, T1400m); 2nd: Oka Sho (Japanese 1000 Guineas)-G1, NHK Mile Cup-G1; 3rd: Tulip Sho-G2

  • Solveig(2013, chestnut, mare) As de Coeur by Jungle Pocket PHOTO >

    17 starts 4 wins in JRA, Earn JPY184,623,000
    1st: Fillies' Revue-G2(Hanshin, T1400m), Hakodate Sprint Stakes-G3(Hakodate, T1200m, NTR), Opal Stakes-L(Kyoto, T1200m); 2nd: Keeneland Cup-G3; 3rd: Sprinters Stakes-G1; 4th: Keeneland Cup-G3; 5th: Victoria Mile-G1

  • Bom Servico(2014, chestnut, horse) Baimoyuri by Sakura Laurel

    30 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY182,255,000
    2nd: Daily Hai Nisai Stakes-G2, Lord Derby Challenge Trophy-G3, Falcon Stakes-G3; 3rd: NHK Mile Cup-G1, Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes-G1, New Zealand Trophy-G2, Kyoto Kimpai-G3, Azuchijo Stakes-L (twice)

  • Dahlonega(2009, bay, horse) Camellia Rose by White Muzzle(GB)

    39 starts 5 wins in JRA(incl. 4 starts 1 win in JRA Jump Race), Earn JPY161,106,000
    1st: Kokura Nikkei Open-L(Kokura, T1800m), Nojigiku Stakes-OP(Hanshin, T1800m); 2nd: Daily Hai Nisai Stakes-G2; 3rd; Chukyo Kinen-G3, Kokura Daishoten-G3; 4th: Fuji Stakes-G3, Niigata Nisai Stakes-G3; 5th: Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes-G1

  • Logi Chalice(2012, chestnut, horse) Platina Chalice (GB) by Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)

    34 starts 6 wins in JRA & NAR (incl. 2 starts in JRA Jump Race), Earn JPY145,323,000
    1st: Lord Derby Challenge Trophy-G3 (Nakayama, T1600m), May Stakes-OP (Tokyo, T1800m); 4th: Epsom Cup-G3, Radio Nikkei Sho-G3

  • Meisho Kadomatsu(2009, chestnut, horse) Alpine Rose(USA) by Kris S.(USA)

    28 starts 5 wins in JRA, Earn JPY144,966,000
    2nd: Copa Republica Argentina-G2, Wakaba Stakes-L; 3rd: Diamond Stakes-G3, Nojigiku Stakes-OP; 4th: Meguro Kinen-G2, Radio Nikkei Sho-G3; 5th: Kyoto Shimbun Hai-G2

  • Excellente Cave(2009, dark bay or brown, mare) Indiana Curve(USA) by A. P. Indy(USA)

    17 starts 6 wins in JRA, Earn JPY114,798,000
    1st: Keisei Hai Autumn Handicap-G3(Nakayama, T1600m); 3rd: Queen Cup-G3; 4th: Sekiya Kinen-G3

  • Due Process (GB)(2016, chestnut, colt) Rose Law (GB) by New Approach (IRE)

    10 starts 5 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY93,014,000
    1st: Hyogo Gold Trophy-L (Sonoda, D1400m), Seiryu Stakes-OP (Tokyo, D1600m), Shoryu Stakes-OP (Chukyo, D1400m); 2nd: Unicorn Stakes-G3

  • Tosen Benizakura(2009, dark bay or brown, mare) Tosen Brilliant by White Muzzle(GB)

    32 starts 4 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY91,762,000
    1st: Fairy Stakes-G3(Nakayama, T1600m); 5th: Rose Stakes-G2

  • Ball Lightning(2013, chestnut, horse) Definite(USA) by Dehere(USA) PHOTO >

    28 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY90,534,000
    1st: Keio Hai Nisai Stakes-G2(Tokyo, T1400m)

  • Marble Cathedral(2011, bay, mare) Health Wall by Helissio(FR)

    17 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY71,806,000
    1st: Artemis Stakes-L(Tokyo, T1600m), Fuyo Stakes-OP(Nakayama, T1600m); 5th: Hanshin Juvenile Fillies-G1, Niigata Nisai Stakes-G3

  • Frontier(2015, chestnut, horse) Grace Land by Tony Bin (IRE)

    14 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY67,022,000
    1st: Niigata Nisai Stakes-G3 (Niigata, T1600m); 3rd: Falcon Stakes-G3; 4th: Daily Hai Nisai Stakes-G2, Chukyo Kinen-G3

  • Nova Lenda(2016, dark bay or brown, colt) Mon Petit Coeur by Kurofune (USA) PHOTO >

    11 starts 3 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY59,144,000
    1st: Zennippon Nisai Yushun-L (Kawasaki, D1600m); 3rd: Hakusan Daishoten-L, Saga Kinen-L

  • Cordierite(2015, chestnut, mare) Dark Sapphire (USA) by Out of Place (USA)

    16 starts 1 win in JRA, Earn JPY31,086,000
    2nd: Niigata Nisai Stakes-G3, Fantasy Stakes-G3