2001 b. 16.3hh (1.66m)
Kingmambo – Manfath
2019 Fee : PRIVATE

Versatile and a proven champion sire by Kingmambo in Japan.
Sire of fourteen Group 1 winners since going at stud, including Best older colt Rey de Oro in 2018.



1990 b.
Mr. Prospector
1970 b.
Raise a Native Native Dancer Polynesian
Raise You Case Ace
Lady Glory
Gold Digger Nashua Nasrullah
Sequence Count Fleet
Miss Dogwood
1984 b.
Nureyev Northern Dancer Nearctic
Special Forli
Pasadoble Prove Out Graustark
Equal Venture
Santa Quilla Sanctus
1991 dk.b.
Last Tycoon
1983 dk.b.
Try My Best Northern Dancer Nearctic
Sex Appeal Buckpasser
Best in Show
Mill Princess Mill Reef Never Bend
Milan Mill
Irish Lass Sayajirao
Pilot Bird
1983 b.
Blakeney Hethersett Hugh Lupus
Bride Elect
Windmill Girl Hornbeam
Chorus Beauty
The Dancer Green Dancer Nijinsky
Green Valley
Khazaeen Charlottesville

inbreeding / Northern Dancer 4S×4D, Nearctic 5S×5D, Natalma 5S×5D


Age Country Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings
  • 3yo (2004) JRA Best Three-Year-Old Colt
Age FP Race Name · Grade Race Course Dist. Finish Time
21stErica ShoHanshinT2000m2.02.6
2-Year-Old NewcomerKyotoT1800m1.50.5
31stTokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby)-LTokyoT2400m2.23.3 R
NHK Mile Cup-LTokyoT1600m1.32.5
Kobe Shimbun Hai-LHanshinT2000m1.59.0
Mainichi Hai-LHanshinT2000m2.01.2
Sumire Stakes-OPHanshinT2200m2.16.4
3rdKeisei Hai-LNakayamaT2000m2.00.0


King Kamehameha entered stud in Japan in 2005. He was crowned Japanese Champion Sire in 2010 and 2011. He was also crowned Japanese Champion Two-Year-Old Sire in 2008 and 2009.
In 2018, Mikki Rocket earned his first top-flight victory in the Grade 1 Takarazuka Kinen, and Rey de Oro, the 2017 Japanese Derby winner, took another Grade 1 victory in the Tenno Sho (autumn). His progeny have accumulated more than 100 JRA Graded races wins with over 50 JRA Graded races winners.


  • Hokko Tarumae(2009, bay, horse) Madam Cherokee by Cherokee Run(USA) PHOTO >

    2013 NAR Grand Prix Dirt Grade Race Special Prize
    2014 JRA Best Dirt Horse & NAR Grand Prix Dirt Grade Race Special Prize
    2015 NAR Grand Prix Dirt Grade Race Special Prize
    39 starts 17 wins in JRA, NAR & UAE, Earn JPY1,078,706,000, US$300,000
    1st: Champions Cup-G1(Chukyo, D1800m), Tokyo Daishoten-G1(Ohi, D2000m) twice, Antares Stakes-G3(Hanshin, D1800m), Leopard Stakes-G3(Niigata, D1800m), JBC Classic-L(Kanazawa, D2100m, NTR), Teio Sho-L(Ohi, D2000m) twice, Kawasaki Kinen-L(Kawasaki, D2100m) 3 times, Kashiwa Kinen-L(Funabashi, D1600m), Nagoya Daishoten-L(Nagoya, D1900m), Saga Kinen-L(Saga, D2000m); 2nd: February Stakes-G1, Tokyo Daishoten-G1, JBC Classic-L, Mile Championship Nambu Hai-L; 3rd: Japan Cup Dirt-G1(twice), Tokai Stakes-G2, Miyako Stakes-G3, JBC Classic-L; 4th: JBC Classic-L, Teio Sho-L; 5th: Champions Cup-G1, Dubai World Cup-G1, Japan Dirt Derby-L ; sire

  • Rey de Oro(2014, bay, horse) La Dorada by Symboli Kris S (USA) PHOTO >

    2017 JRA Best 3-Year-Old Colt
    2018 JRA Best Older Colt or Horse
    15 starts 7 wins in JRA & UAE, Earn JPY881,550,000, US$420,000
    1st: Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby)-G1 (Tokyo, T2400m), Tenno Sho (autumn)-G1 (Tokyo, T2000m), All Comers-G2 (Nakayama, T2200m), Kobe Shimbun Hai-G2 (Hanshin, T2400m), Hopeful Stakes-G2 (Nakayama, T2000m); 2nd: Japan Cup-G1, Arima Kinen (Grand Prix)-G1; 3rd: Kyoto Kinen-G2; 4th: Dubai Sheema Classic-G1, All Comers-G2; 5th: Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1, Takarazuka Kinen-G1

  • Lord Kanaloa(2008, bay, horse) Lady Blossom by Storm Cat(USA) PHOTO >

    2012 JRA Best Sprinter or Miler
    2013 JRA Horse of the Year & Best Sprinter or Miler
    19 starts 13 wins in JRA & HK, Earn JPY669,958,000, HK$17,100,000
    1st: Yasuda Kinen-G1(Tokyo, T1600m), Sprinters Stakes-G1(Nakayama, T1200m) twice(incl. once NTR), Takamatsunomiya Kinen-G1(Chukyo, T1200m, NTR), Hong Kong Sprint-G1(Sha Tin, T1200m) twice, Keihan Hai-G3(Kyoto, T1200m), Silk Road Stakes-G3(Kyoto, T1200m), Hankyu Hai-G3(Hanshin, T1400m), Aoi Stakes-L(Kyoto, T1200m), Kyoraku Stakes-OP(Kyoto, T1200m); 2nd: Centaur Stakes-G2(twice), Hakodate Sprint Stakes-G3; 3rd: Takamatsunomiya Kinen-G1 ; sire

  • Lovely Day(2010, dark bay or brown, horse) Popcorn Jazz by Dance in the Dark PHOTO >

    2015 JRA Best Older Colt or Horse
    33 starts 9 wins in JRA & HK, Earn JPY798,195,000, HK$2,440,000
    1st: Tenno Sho(Autumn)-G1(Tokyo, T2000m), Takarazuka Kinen-G1(Hanshin, T2200m), Kyoto Daishoten-G2(Kyoto, T2400m), Kyoto Kinen-G2(Kyoto, T2200m), Nakayama Kimpai-G3(Nakayama, T2000m, NTR), Naruo Kinen-G3(Hanshin, T2000m), Metropolitan Stakes-L(Tokyo, T2400m), Nojigiku Stakes-OP(Hanshin, T1800m); 2nd: Kinko Sho-G2, Keio Hai Nisai Stakes-G2, Kokura Kinen-G3; 3rd: Japan Cup-G1, Kyoto Daishoten-G2, Chunichi Shimbun Hai-G3; 4th: Takarazuka Kinen-G1, Hong Kong Cup-G1, HK Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ Cup-G1, Osaka Hai-G2, Kinko Sho-G2; 5th: Arima Kinen(The Grand Prix)-G1, Meguro Kinen-G2, Copa Republica Argentina-G2, Arlington Cup-G3 ; sire

  • Rose Kingdom(2007, dark bay or brown, horse) Rosebud by Sunday Silence(USA) PHOTO >

    2009 JRA Best Two-Year-Old Colt
    25 starts 6 wins in JRA, Earn JPY694,668,000
    1st: Japan Cup-G1(Tokyo, T2400m), Kyoto Daishoten-G2(Kyoto, T2400m), Kobe Shimbun Hai-G2(Hanshin, T2400m), Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes-L(Nakayama, T1600m), Tokyo Sports Hai Nisai Stakes-L(Tokyo, T1800m); 2nd: Tokyo Yushun(Japanese Derby)-G1, Kikuka Sho(Japanese St. Leger)-G1; 3rd: Nikkei Shinshun Hai-G2, Nikkei Sho-G2, Spring Stakes-G2; 4th: Satsuki Sho(Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1, Takarazuka Kinen-G1, Osaka Hai-G2 ; sire

  • Rulership(2007, bay, horse) Air Groove by Tony Bin(IRE) PHOTO >

    20 starts 8 wins in JRA, UAE & HK, Earn JPY549,764,000, US$100,000, HK$7,980,000
    1st: HK Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ Cup-G1(Sha Tin, T2000m), Nikkei Shinshun Hai-G2(Kyoto, T2400m), Kinko Sho-G2(Kyoto, T2000m), American Jockey Club Cup-G2(Nakayama, T2200m), Naruo Kinen-G3(Hanshin, T1800m), Principal Stakes-L(Tokyo, T2000m); 2nd: Takarazuka Kinen-G1; 3rd: Japan Cup-G1, Tenno Sho(Autumn)-G1, Arima Kinen(The Grand Prix)-G1, Nikkei Sho-G2; 4th: Arima Kinen(The Grand Prix)-G1; 5th: Tokyo Yushun(Japanese Derby)-G1, Takarazuka Kinen-G1, Mainichi Hai-G3 ; sire

  • Duramente(2012, bay, horse) Admire Groove by Sunday Silence(USA) PHOTO >

    2015 JRA Best Three-Year-Old Colt
    9 starts 5 wins in JRA & UAE, Earn JPY516,607,000, US$1,200,000
    1st: Tokyo Yushun(Japanese Derby)-G1(Tokyo, T2400m), Satsuki Sho(Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1(Nakayama, T2000m), Nakayama Kinen-G2(Nakayama, T1800m); 2nd: Takarazuka Kinen-G1, Dubai Sheema Classic-G1, Kyodo News Service Hai-G3 ; sire

  • Apapane(2007, bay, mare) Salty Bid(USA) by Salt Lake(USA) PHOTO >

    2009 JRA Best Two-Year-Old Filly
    2010 JRA Best Three-Year-Old Filly
    19 starts 7 wins in JRA & HK, Earn JPY558,592,000
    1st: Yushun Himba(Japanese Oaks)-G1(Tokyo, T2400m), Oka Sho(Japanese 1000 Guineas)-G1(Hanshin, T1600m), Shuka Sho-G1(Kyoto, T2000m), Victoria Mile-G1(Tokyo, T1600m), Hanshin Juvenile Fillies-L(Hanshin, T1600m), Akamatsu Sho(Tokyo, T1600m, NTR); 2nd: Tulip Sho-G3; 3rd: Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ Commemorative Cup-G1(twice); 4th: Milers Cup-G2, Rose Stakes-G2; 5th: Victoria Mile-G1

  • Let's Go Donki(2012, chestnut, mare) Marutoku by Marvelous Sunday PHOTO >

    34 starts 3 wins in JRA, NAR & HK, Earn JPY467,088,000, HK$370,000
    1st: Oka Sho (Japanese 1000 Guineas)-G1 (Hanshin, T1600m), Kyoto Himba Stakes-G3 (Kyoto, T1400m); 2nd: Sprinters Stakes-G1, Takamatsunomiya Kinen-G1 (twice), Hanshin Juvenile Fillies-G1, Hankyu Hai-G3, Artemis Stakes-G3, JBC Ladies Classic-L, Turquoise Stakes-L; 3rd: Swan Stakes-G2, Keeneland Cup-G3, Hakodate Sprint Stakes-G3, Tulip Sho-G3, Sapporo Nisai Stakes-G3; 4th: Rose Stakes-G2; 5th: Sprinters Stakes-G1 (twice), February Stakes-G1, Keeneland Cup-G3, JBC Sprint-L

  • To the Glory(2007, bay, horse) To the Victory by Sunday Silence(USA)

    33 starts 8 wins in JRA, Earn JPY464,784,000
    1st: Nikkei Shinshun Hai-G2(Kyoto, T2400m), Nikkei Sho-G2(Hanshin, T2400m), Kyoto Kinen-G2(Kyoto, T2200m), Naruo Kinen-G3(Hanshin, T2000m), Chunichi Shimbun Hai-G3(Kokura, T2000m), Cassiopeia Stakes-L(Kyoto, T1800m); 2nd: Aoba Sho-G2; 3rd: Arima Kinen(The Grand Prix)-G1(twice); 4th: Kinko Sho-G2; 5th: Tenno Sho(Autumn)-G1, Kyoto Daishoten-G2, Radio Nikkei Sho-G3 ; sire

  • Yamakatsu Ace(2012, chestnut, horse) Yamakatsu Marilyn by Grass Wonder(USA)

    30 starts 7 wins in JRA, Earn JPY444,652,000
    1st: Kinko Sho-G2(Chukyo, T2000m) twice, New Zealand Trophy-G2(Nakayama, T1600m), Nakayama Kimpai-G3(Nakayama, T2000m), Fukushima Kinen-G3(Fukushima, T2000m); 3rd: Osaka Hai-G1, Sapporo Kinen-G2, Hakodate Kinen-G3, Falcon Stakes-G3; 4th: Arima Kinen(The Grand Prix)-G1, Osaka Hai-G1, Sapporo Kinen-G2, Kinko Sho-G2; 5th: Sapporo Kinen-G2, Kyoto Kinen-G2 ; sire

  • Mikki Rocket(2013, bay, horse) Moneycantbymelove (IRE) by Pivotal (GB) PHOTO >

    24 starts 5 wins in JRA, Earn JPY422,478,000
    1st: Takarazuka Kinen-G1 (Hanshin, T2200m), Nikkei Shinshun Hai-G2 (Kyoto, T2400m); 2nd: Kobe Shimbun Hai-G2, Chunichi Shimbun Hai-G3; 4th: Arima Kinen (Grand Prix)-G1, Tenno Sho (spring)-G1, Kyoto Daishoten-G2, Kyoto Kinen-G2, Nikkei Shinshun Hai-G2; 5th: Kikuka Sho (Japanese St. Leger)-G1, Tenno Sho (Autumn)-G1, Spring Stakes-G2 ; sire

  • Hit the Target(2008, chestnut, horse) Latir by Tamamo Cross

    57 starts 9 wins in JRA, Earn JPY404,663,000
    1st: Kyoto Daishoten-G2(Kyoto, T2400m), Meguro Kinen-G2(Tokyo, T2500m), Niigata Daishoten-G3(Niigata, T2000m), Kokura Daishoten-G3(Kokura, T1800m), Fukushima Mimpo Hai-L(Fukushima, T2000m); 2nd: Sapporo Kinen-G2; 3rd: Meguro Kinen-G2; 4th: Takarazuka Kinen-G1, Kyoto Daishoten-G2, Meguro Kinen-G2, Chunichi Shimbun Hai-G3, Fukushima Kinen-G3; 5th: Tenno Sho(Autumn)-G1, Hanshin Daishoten-G2, Kyoto Daishoten-G2, Kyoto Kinen-G2

  • Air Spinel(2013, chestnut, horse) Air Messiah by Sunday Silence(USA)

    19 starts 4 wins in JRA, Earn JPY367,783,000
    1st: Daily Hai Nisai Stakes-G2 (Kyoto, T1600m), Fuji Stakes-G3 (Tokyo, T1600m), Kyoto Kimpai-G3 (Kyoto, T1600m); 2nd: Mile Championship-G1, Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes-G1, Milers Cup-G2; 3rd: Kikuka Sho (Japanese St. Leger)-G1, Milers Cup-G2, Yayoi Sho-G2, Tokyo Shimbun Hai-G3; 4th: Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby)-G1, Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1, Fuji Stakes-G3; 5th: Yasuda Kinen-G1, Sapporo Kinen-G2, Kobe Shimbun Hai-G2

  • Belshazzar(2008, brown, horse) Maruka Candy by Sunday Silence(USA) PHOTO >

    2013 JRA Best Dirt Horse
    18 starts 6 wins in JRA & UAE, Earn JPY351,139,000
    1st: Japan Cup Dirt-G1(Hanshin, D1800m), Musashino Stakes-G3(Tokyo, D1600m), Brazil Cup-L(Tokyo, D2100m), Hopeful Stakes-L(Nakayama, T2000m); 2nd: Spring Stakes-G2; 3rd: Tokyo Yushun(Japanese Derby)-G1, February Stakes-G1; 4th: St. Lite Kinen-G2, Kyodo News Service Hai-G3 ; sire

  • Solitary King(2007, dark bay or brown, horse) Scarlet Lady by Sunday Silence(USA)

    44 starts 9 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY327,855,000
    1st: Tokai Stakes-G2(Kyoto, D1900m), Nippon TV Hai-L(Funabashi, D1800m), Mercury Cup-L(Morioka, D2000m), Brilliant Stakes-L(Tokyo, D2100m); 2nd: Nippon TV Hai-L, Mercury Cup-L, Nagoya Daishoten-L, Saga Kinen-L(twice); 3rd: JBC Classic-L, Teio Sho-L, Diolite Kinen-L, Urawa Kinen-L, Leopard Stakes-L, Hakusan Daishoten-L; 4th: Tokai Stakes-G2, Antares Stakes-G3, JBC Classic-L, Nagoya Grand Prix-L, Hakusan Daishoten-L; 5th: Nagoya Grand Prix-L, Mercury Cup-L

  • To the World(2011, bay, horse) To the Victory by Sunday Silence(USA)

    12 starts 4 wins in JRA & AUS, Earn JPY260,016,000, AUS$260,000
    1st: Yayoi Sho-G2(Nakayama, T2000m), Wakagoma Stakes-L(Kyoto T2000m), Kigiku Sho(Kyoto, T1800m, NTR); 2nd: Satsuki Sho(Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1, Arima Kinen(The Grand Prix)-G1, ATC The BMW-G1, St. Lite Kinen-G2 ; sire

  • Taisei Legend(2007, chestnut, horse) Sharp Kick by Mejiro McQueen

    42 starts 9 wins in JRA, NAR, UAE & KOR, Earn JPY261,339,000
    1st: JBC Sprint-L(Kawasaki, D1400m, NTR), Tokyo Hai-L(Ohi, D1200m), Cluster Cup-L(Morioka, D1200m), Chiba Stakes-OP(Nakayama D1200m); 2nd: Tokyo Hai-L, Oval Sprint-L, Hokkaido Sprint Cup-L; 3rd: Capella Stakes-G3, JBC Sprint-L, Cluster Cup-L; 4th: Negishi Stakes-G3 ; sire

  • Hatano Vainqueur(2009, chestnut, horse) Hatano Plie by Brian's Time(USA)

    17 starts 7 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY237,946,000
    1st: Japan Dirt Derby-L(Ohi, D2000m), Kawasaki Kinen-L(Kawasaki, D2100m), Breeders' Gold Cup-L(Monbetsu, D2000m), Fukuryu Stakes-OP(Nakayama, D1800m), Tango Stakes-OP(Kyoto, D1800m); 2nd: Tokyo Daishoten-G1, Diolite Kinen-L, Hakusan Daishoten-L; 4th: Teio Sho-L; 5th: Heian Stakes-G3 ; sire

  • Kluger(2012, dark bay or brown, horse) Addicted(GER) by Diktat(GB)

    23 starts 5 wins in JRA & AUS, Earn JPY156,636,000, AUS$890,000
    1st: Milers Cup-G2(Kyoto, T1600m); 2nd: ATC Queen Elizabeth Stakes-G1, Kyoto Kimpai-G3; 3rd: Fuji Stakes-G3, Keisei Hai-G3; 4th: ATC Doncaster Mile-G1

  • Reve Mistral(2012, bay, horse) Reve d'Oscar(FR) by Highest Honor(FR)

    15 starts 4 wins in JRA, Earn JPY143,580,000
    1st: Nikkei Shinshun Hai-G2(Kyoto, T2400m), Aoba Sho-G2(Tokyo, T2400m); 3rd:Copa Republica Argentina-G2 ; sire

  • Leontes(2013, dark bay or brown, horse) Cesario by Special Week PHOTO >

    2015 JRA Best Two-Year-Old Colt
    5 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY130,406,000
    1st: Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes-G1(Hanshin, T1600m); 2nd: Yayoi Sho-G2; 5th: Tokyo Yushun(Japanese Derby)-G1, Satsuki Sho(Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1 ; sire

  • Cecchino(2013, chestnut, mare) Happy Path by Sunday Silence(USA)

    7 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY128,136,000
    1st: Flora Stakes-G2(Tokyo, T2000m), Anemone Stakes-L(Nakayama, T1600m); 2nd: Yushun Himba(Japanese Oaks)-G1

  • Courageux Guerrier(2016, bay, colt) Jumeau by Tanino Gimlet PHOTO >

    6 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY68,735,000
    1st: Kyoto Nisai Stakes-G3 (Kyoto, T2000m); 3rd: Kyodo News Hai-G3, Sapporo Nisai Stakes-G3; 5th: Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1