2003 b. 16.6hh (1.69m)
Fuji Kiseki – Keltshaan
2022 Fee : PRIVATE

The fastest champion sprinter by Fuji Kiseki.
From the family of Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe winner Danedream.
Sire of Success Energy, earned about $3 million.



Fuji Kiseki
1992 br.
Sunday Silence
1986 br.
Halo Hail to Reason Turn-to
Cosmah Cosmic Bomb
Wishing Well Understanding Promised Land
Pretty Ways
Mountain Flower Montparnasse
1983 b.
Le Fabuleux Wild Risk Rialto
Wild Violet
Anguar Verso
La Rochelle
Marston's Mill In Reality Intentionally
My Dear Girl
Millicent Cornish Prince
Milan Mill
1994 b.
Pleasant Colony
1978 dk.b.
His Majesty Ribot Tenerani
Flower Bowl Alibhai
Flower Bed
Sun Colony Sunrise Flight Double Jay
Misty Morn
Colonia Cockrullah
1978 b.
Lyphard Northern Dancer Nearctic
Goofed Court Martial
Lady Berry Violon d'Ingres Tourment
Flute Enchantee
Moss Rose Mossborough


Age Country Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings
  • 7yo (2010) JRA Best Sprinter or Miler
Age FP Race Name · Grade Race Course Dist. Finish Time
21st2-Year-Old NewcomerNakayamaT1200m1.11.7
31stJunior Cup-OPNakayamaT1600m1.33.6
Katsuragawa StakesKyotoT1400m1.19.4
3rdNHK Mile Cup-LTokyoT1600m1.33.4
5thMile Championship-G1KyotoT1600m1.33.2
41stCapital Stakes-LTokyoT1600m1.32.8
Tanigawadake Stakes-LNiigataT1400m1.20.1
3rdCentaur Stakes-G2HanshinT1200m1.07.9
4thHankyu Hai-G3HanshinT1400m1.20.7
51stHakodate Sprint Stakes-G3HakodateT1200m1.08.4
2ndSprinters Stakes-G1NakayamaT1200m1.08.2
Takamatsunomiya Kinen-G1ChukyoT1200m1.07.1
3rdKeeneland Cup-LSapporoT1200m1.08.1
5thHankyu Hai-G3HanshinT1400m1.21.3
61stHanshin Cup-G2HanshinT1400m1.20.4
Swan Stakes-G2KyotoT1400m1.20.3
71stTakamatsunomiya Kinen-G1ChukyoT1200m1.08.6
Hanshin Cup-G2HanshinT1400m1.20.3
Ocean Stakes-G3NakayamaT1200m1.09.8
2ndSprinters Stakes-G1NakayamaT1200m1.07.6
81stTakamatsunomiya Kinen-G1HanshinT1200m1.07.9
2ndOcean Stakes-G3NakayamaT1200m1.07.9


Kinshasa no Kiseki entered stud in Japan in 2011.

His progeny performed well on dirt in 2021. Success Energy earned his sixth Jpn races victory in the Jpn2 Tokyo Hai, and Rinen Fashion finished third in the Jpn1 JBC Ladies' Classic. Also in 2021, Kaikano Kiseki finished second in the Grade 3 Hakodate Nisai Stakes on turf.


  • Success Energy(2014, dark bay or brown, horse) Success Ai Ni by Jungle Pocket PHOTO >

    39 starts 13 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY324,806,000
    1st: Tokyo Hai-L (Oi, D1200m), Sakitama Hai-L (Urawa, D1400m), Oval Sprint-L (Urawa, D1400m), Hyogo Gold Trophy-L (Sonoda, D1400m), Kakitsubata Kinen-L (Nagoya, D1400m), Kurofune Sho-L (Kochi, D1400m), Ritto Stakes-L (Kyoto, D1400m), Subaru Stakes-L (Kyoto, D1400m), Tennozan Stakes-OP (Kyoto, D1200m); 2nd: Sakitama Hai-L, Hyogo Gold Trophy-L, Summer Champion-L; 3rd: Tokyo Hai-L, Kurofune Sho-L; 4th: Procyon Stakes-G3; 5th: Kurofune Sho-L

  • Shuji(2013, bay, horse) Kastria (USA) by Kingmambo (USA) PHOTO >

    41 starts 5 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY279,638,000
    1st: Hanshin Cup-G2 (Hanshin, T1400m), Kokura Nisai Stakes-G3 (Kokura, T1200m), Chiba Stakes-OP (Nakayama, D1200m), Chukyo Nisai Stakes-OP (Chukyo, T1600m); 2nd: Daily Hai Nisai Stakes-G2, Keeneland Cup-G3, Hakodate Sprint Stakes-G3; 3rd: Capella Stakes-G3; 4th: Sprinters Stakes-G1; 5th: Hokkaido Sprint Cup-L; sire

  • Blu Miracolo(2012, bay, horse) Kingsmill by Theatrical (IRE)

    43 starts 6 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY146,566,000
    1st: Muromachi Stakes-OP (Kyoto, D1200m); 2nd: Summer Champion-L, NST Sho-OP, Tennozan Stakes-OP; 3rd: Chiba Stakes-OP

  • Juranville(2016, dark bay or brown, mare) Ally (USA) by Deputy Minister (CAN)

    30 starts 4 wins in JRA, Earn JPY132,578,000
    2nd: Tachibana Stakes-L; 3rd: Fillies' Revue-G2, Fantasy Stakes-G3, Kikyo Stakes-OP; 5th: Ibis Summer Dash-G3, Turquoise Stakes-G3

  • Strawberry Moon(2014, brown, mare) Evading Tempete (GB) by Dubai Destination (USA)

    19 starts 6 wins in JRA, Earn JPY124,047,000
    1st: NST Sho-OP (Niigata, D1200m)

  • Hiraboku la Tache(2015, bay, horse) Hiraboku Win by Wild Rush (USA) PHOTO >

    25 starts 5 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY119,053,000
    1st: Saga Kinen-L (Saga, D2000m), Fukushima Minyu Cup-L (Fukushima, D1700m), Radio Nippon Sho-OP (Nakayama, D1800m); 2nd: Leopard Stakes-G3, Nagoya Daishoten-L; 4th: Sirius Stakes-G3, March Stakes-G3

  • Galore Creek(2017, bay, horse) Gold Relic (USA) by Kingmambo (USA)

    10 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY115,424,000
    1st: Spring Stakes-G2 (Nakayama, T1800m); 3rd: Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1, St. Lite Kinen-G2, December Stakes-L

  • Monde Can Know(2014, bay, horse) Raise and Call by Sakura Bakushin O PHOTO >

    10 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY86,014,000
    1st: Keio Hai Nisai Stakes-G2 (Tokyo, T1400m): 2nd: Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes-G1, Hakodate Nisai Stakes-G3; sire

  • Luftstrom(2017, bay, horse) Hawaiian Wind by King Kamehameha

    9 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY78,948,000
    1st: New Zealand Trophy-G2 (Nakayama, T1600m); 5th: NHK Mile Cup-G1

  • Cassius (Registered in Australia as Kemono)(2015, bay, gelding) Love Dylan by Dylan Thomas (IRE) PHOTO >

    19 starts 2 wins in JRA & AUS, Earn JPY64,037,000, AUS$84,150
    1st: Hakodate Nisai Stakes-G3 (Hakodate, T1200m); 2nd: Keio Hai Nisai Stakes-G2; 3rd: VRC Bobbie Lewis Quality Handicap-G2, Shinzan Kinen-G3; 4th: MRC Victoria H-G3

  • Saimon Seele(2013, bay, horse) Pole Position (GB) by Pivotal (GB)

    37 starts 1 win in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY52,205,000
    2nd: Kokura Nisai Stakes-G3

  • Beluga(2015, black, mare) Admire Light by Kris S. (USA) PHOTO >

    8 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY44,618,000
    1st: Fantasy Stakes-G3 (Kyoto, T1400m)

  • Single Up(2016, bay, horse) Luff Up by Kurofune (USA)

    18 starts 3 wins in JRA & NAR (incl. 8 starts 1 win in JRA Jump Race), Earn JPY43,604,000
    1st: Phoenix Sho-OP (Kokura, T1200m); 3rd: Marguerite Stakes-L

  • Sappheiros(2012, bay, horse) Dark Sapphire (USA) by Out of Place (USA)

    49 starts 5 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY41,503,000
    1st: Canna Stakes-OP (Niigata, T1200m); 2nd: Keio Hai Nisai Stakes-G2

  • Admire Morale(2013, dark bay or brown, horse) Katsura Driver by Nihon Pillow Winner

    10 starts 1 win in JRA, Earn JPY28,682,000
    2nd: Keio Hai Nisai Stakes-G2; 4th: Keisei Hai-G3

  • Malebo Pool(2013, bay, horse) Split the Night by Tony Bin (IRE)

    5 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY23,308,000
    1st: Christmas Rose Stakes-OP (Nakayama, T1200m)

  • Kaikano Kiseki(2019, brown, filly) Kaikayoso by Timber Country (USA)

    4 starts 1 win in JRA, Earn JPY20,714,000
    1st: 2-year-Old Newcomer (Sapporo, T1000m, NTR); 2nd: Hakodate Nisai Stakes-G3