Shadai Stallion Station (hereinafter, the “Company”) is committed to storing your submitted personal information in a safe and secure manner. We pay full attention to the appropriate handling of your personal information in order to keep it confidential, so as to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss or falsification concerning personal information.

Handling of personal information

1) In this policy, “personal information” refers to data that enable identification of specific individuals by means of submitted descriptions such as your name, email address and telephone number.
2) The company handles your submitted personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve the predefined purpose of use, and puts in place measures to do so, except for cases where an approval concerning use outside of the extent stated above is obtained from the subject of information, or is permitted by law.
3) The Company does not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining approval from the subject of information, except for cases where such provision is permitted by law. When providing personal information to a third party, the Company shall comply with requirements as stipulated by law, if any, requiring the information provider to maintain records concerning such provision to a third party.
4) The Company is committed to promptly serving any requests from customers (the subject of personal information; or her/his guardian and/or a family member if it is difficult to obtain the subject’s approval) asking the Company to disclose, present or delete the customer’s personal information, suspend the use of such information, or suspend the provision of such information to third parties.
5) In order to handle personal information properly, the Company remains committed to enhancing and improving its internal system (including reviewing this policy) on an ongoing basis, by taking measures such as appointing an administrator, developing internal rules and providing employee training in relation to personal information.

Use of cookies

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Access log files

The Company uses access log files to collect a wide range of demographic information to analyze the usage trend of this website, manage this website, detect user trends, and for collective use. Through these activities, the Company can obtain demographic website usage information such as the pages visited, duration of page visits, website visited before accessing this website, page navigation trends of users, and browsers and operating systems used. However, the Company does not use access log files to collect personally identifiable information.

Although our website includes links to external websites, they are not used for sharing privacy information. The Company shall not be held responsible in any way for ensuring the safety of your personal information at link destination websites.