2006 b. 16.2hh (1.65m)
Dansili – Penang Pearl
2023 Fee : JPY3,500,000

The highest-rated son of sensational sire Dansili.
Sire of 5 G1 winners including Nassau Stakes winner Deirdre.



1996 dk.b.
1986 b.
Danzig Northern Dancer Nearctic
Pas de Nom Admiral's Voyage
Razyana His Majesty Ribot
Flower Bowl
Spring Adieu Buckpasser
1991 b.
Kahyasi Ile de Bourbon Nijinsky
Kadissya Blushing Groom
Kerali High Line High Hat
Time Call
Sookera Roberto
Penang Pearl
1996 b.
1983 ch.
Arctic Tern Sea Bird Dan Cupid
Bubbling Beauty Hasty Road
Beaune Lyphard Northern Dancer
Barbra Le Fabuleux
1988 b.
Shareef Dancer Northern Dancer Nearctic
Sweet Alliance Sir Ivor
Mrs. Peterkin
Sauceboat Connaught St. Paddy
Cranberry Sauce Crepello

Inbreeding / Northern Dancer 4S×4D×5D, Natalma 5S×5S×5D


Age Country Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings
Age FP Race Name · Grade Race Course Dist. Finish Time
31stGordon Stakes-G3GoodwoodT12F2.39.98
Hull City A.F.C. Premier Dream Maiden StakesChesterT10F75Y2.10.19
3rdSt Simon Stakes-G3NewburyT12F5Y2.41.9
41stKing George Ⅵ & Queen Elizabeth Stakes-G1AscotT12F2.26.78 R
Hardwicke Stakes-G2AscotT12F2.27.36
Ormonde Stakes-G3ChesterT13F89Y2.56.73
John Porter Stakes-G3NewburyT12F5Y2.30.58


Harbinger entered stud in Japan in 2011. He was crowned Japanese Champion Freshman Sire in 2014.

In 2022, Namur captured the Grade 2 Tulip Sho and finished second in the Grade 1 Shuka Sho and third in the Grade 1 Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks). Also in 2022, Presage Lift took the Grade 3 Queen Cup, and his two-year-old colt Phantom Thief won Nojigiku Stakes in brilliant fashion.


  • Normcore(2015, grey, mare) Chronologist by Kurofune (USA) PHOTO >

    17 starts 7 wins in JRA & HK, Earn JPY367,288,000, HK$17,385,000
    1st: Hong Kong Cup-G1 (Sha Tin, T2000m, NRR), Victoria Mile-G1 (Tokyo, T1600m, NSR), Sapporo Kinen-G2 (Sapporo, T2000m), Fuji Stakes-G3 (Tokyo, T1600m), Shion Stakes-G3 (Nakayama, T2000m); 2nd: Aichi Hai-G3; 3rd: Victoria Mile-G1, Flora Stakes-G2, Flower Cup-G3; 4th: Hong Kong Mile-G1, Yasuda Kinen-G1; 5th: Queen Elizabeth II Cup-G1

  • Blast Onepiece(2015, bay, horse) Tsurumaru Onepiece by King Kamehameha PHOTO >

    2018 JRA Best 3-Year-Old Colt
    18 starts 7 wins in JRA & FR, Earn JPY589,421,000
    1st: Arima Kinen (Grand Prix)-G1 (Nakayama, T2500m), American Jockey Club Cup-G2 (Nakayama, T2200m), Sapporo Kinen-G2 (Sapporo, T2000m), Niigata Kinen-G3 (Niigata, T2000m), Mainichi Hai-G3 (Hanshin, T1800m); 3rd: Naruo Kinen-G3; 4th: Kikuka Sho (Japanese St. Leger)-G1; 5th: Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby)-G1, Sapporo Kinen-G2

  • Deirdre(2014, bay, mare) Reizend by Special Week PHOTO >

    33 starts 8 wins in JRA, UAE, HK, GB, IRE, Saudi Arabia, FR & Bahrain, Earn JPY295,797,000, US$950,000, HK$7,780,000, £503,311.5, Euro50,000
    1st: Nassau Stakes-G1 (Goodwood, T9F197Y), Shuka Sho-G1 (Kyoto, T2000m), Fuchu Himba Stakes-G2 (Tokyo, T1800m), Queen Stakes-G3 (Sapporo, T1800m), Shion Stakes-G3 (Nakayama, T2000m); 2nd: Hong Kong Cup-G1; 3rd: Champion Stakes-G1, Dubai Turf-G1, Fantasy Stakes-G3; 4th: Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks)-G1, Irish Champion Stakes-G1, Dubai Turf-G1, Hong Kong Vase-G1; 5th: Eclipse Stakes-G1

  • Persian Knight(2014, dark bay or brown, horse) Orient Charm by Sunday Silence (USA) PHOTO >

    36 starts 4 wins in JRA & HK, Earn JPY467,898,000, HK$1,650,000
    1st: Mile Championship-G1 (Kyoto, T1600m), Arlington Cup-G3 (Hanshin, T1600m); 2nd: Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1, Osaka Hai-G1, Mile Championship-G1, Sapporo Kinen-G2; 3rd: Mile Championship-G1, Sapporo Kinen-G2, Challenge Cup-G3, Shinzan Kinen-G3; 4th: Mainichi Okan-G2, Kinko Sho-G2, Fuji Stakes-G2, Naruo Kinen-G3; 5th: Hong Kong Mile-G1 (twice), Nakayama Kinen-G2 (twice), Sapporo Kinen-G2, Fuji Stakes-G3 (twice)

  • Mozu Katchan(2014, dark bay or brown, mare) Site Dealer by King Kamehameha PHOTO >

    15 starts 4 wins in JRA & UAE, Earn JPY288,374,000, US$120,000
    1st: Queen Elizabeth II Cup-G1 (Kyoto, T2200m), Flora Stakes-G2 (Tokyo, T2000m); 2nd: Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks)-G1; 3rd: Shuka Sho-G1, Queen Elizabeth II Cup-G1, Sapporo Kinen-G2; 4th: Kyoto Kinen-G2

  • Nishino Daisy(2016, bay, horse) Nishino Hinagiku by Agnes Tachyon

    26 starts 5 wins in JRA (incl. 6 starts 2 wins in JRA Jump Race), Earn JPY217,524,000
    1st: Tokyo Sports Hai Nisai Stakes-G3 (Tokyo, T1800m), Sapporo Nisai Stakes-G3 (Sapporo, T1800m), Nakayama Daishogai (T4100m); 3rd: Hopeful Stakes-G1, Hanshin Spring Jump; 4th: Yayoi Sho-G2; 5th: Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby)-G1, St. Lite Kinen-G2

  • Dreadnoughtus(2013, chestnut, gelding) Dia de la Novia by Sunday Silence (USA)

    31 starts 6 wins in JRA, Earn JPY211,325,000
    1st: Kyoto Daishoten-G2 (Kyoto, T2400m), Kyoto Nisai Stakes-G3 (Kyoto, T2000m), Andromeda Stakes-L (Kyoto, T2000m); 4th: Hakodate Kinen-G3

  • Hindu Times(2016, bay, gelding) Mahabharata by Deep Impact

    22 starts 6 wins in JRA, Earn JPY195,686,000
    1st: Kokura Daishoten-G3 (Kokura, T1800m), Osaka Jo Stakes-L (Hanshin, T1800m); 2nd: Kokura Kinen-G3; 3rd: Challenge Cup-G3, Keisei Hai-G: 4th: Kyoto Daishoten-G2, Tanabata Sho-G3

  • Namur(2019, bay, filly) Sambre et Meuse by Daiwa Major

    11 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY193,337,000
    1st: Tulip Sho-G2 (Hanshin, T1600m); 2nd: Shuka Sho-G1, Tokyo Shimbun Hai-G3; 3rd: Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks)-G1; 4th: Hanshin Juvenile Fillies-G1; 5th: Queen Elizabeth II Cup-G1

  • Tosen Basil(2012, dark bay or brown, horse) Careless Whisper by Fuji Kiseki

    24 starts 5 wins in JRA, HK & AUS, Earn JPY144,312,000, HK$1,800,000, AUS$135,000
    2nd: MRC Underwood Stakes-G1, Kyoto Daishoten-G2; 3rd: Hong Kong Vase-G1, Hanshin Daishoten-G2, Kobe Shimbun Hai-G2; 4th: Kyoto Shimbun Hai-G2; 5th: Nikkei Sho-G2, Yayoi Sho-G2

  • K T Clever(2015, bay, horse) Molto Felice by Deep Impact

    34 starts 7 wins in JRA (incl. 11 starts 4 wins in JRA Jump Race), Earn JPY167,847,000
    1st: Wakagoma Stakes-L (Kyoto, T2000m), Tokyo Jump Stakes-JG3 (Tokyo, T3110m); 2nd: Sumire Stakes-L; 3rd: Kyoto Nisai Stakes-G3, Niigata Jump Stakes

  • Night of Knights(2013, chestnut, horse) Shining Alex by Sunday Silence (USA)

    61 starts 8 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY153,858,000
    1st: Tomoe Sho-OP (Hakodate, T1800m); 4th: Daily Hai Nisai Stakes-G2, Kokura Daishoten-G3, Fukushima Kinen-G3

  • Beruf(2012, bay, horse) Les Clefs d'Or by Sunday Silence (USA)

    26 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY150,209,000
    1st: Keisei Hai-G3 (Nakayama, T2000m); 2nd: Challenge Cup-G3, Kokura Kinen-G3 (twice); 4th: Spring Stakes-G2, Niigata Kinen-G3, Kokura Kinen-G3; 5th: Nikkei Shinshun Hai-G2, St. Lite Kinen-G2

  • He's in Love(2013, bay, horse) She's Included (USA) by Include (USA)

    35 starts 8 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY139,862,000
    1st: Lord Derby Challenge Trophy-G3 (Nakayama, T1600m); 5th: Kyoto Kimpai-G3

  • Phantom Thief(2020, bay, colt) Lupin (USA) by Medaglia d'Oro (USA)

    6 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY128,200,000
    1st: Kyodo News Hai-G3 (Tokyo, T1800m), Nojigiku Stakes-OP (Chukyo, T2000m); 3rd: Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1; 4th: Hopeful Stakes-G1

  • Rousham Park(2019, bay, colt) Reinette Groove by King Kamehameha

    9 starts 5 wins in JRA, Earn JPY110,197,000
    1st: Hakodate Kinen-G3 (Hakodate, T2000m); 3rd: St Lite Kinen-G2

  • Prophet(2013, bay, gelding) Jumeau by Tanino Gimlet

    26 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY104,326,000
    1st: Keisei Hai-G3 (Nakayama, T2000m); 2nd: Sapporo Nisai Stakes-G3

  • San Martin(2012, chestnut, gelding) Dia de la Novia by Sunday Silence (USA)

    44 starts 10 wins in JRA & NAR (incl. 1 start in JRA Jump Race), Earn JPY100,262,000
    1st: Miyakooji Stakes-L (Kyoto, T1800m); 2nd: Kokura Kinen-G3

  • Presage Lift(2019, dark bay or brown, filly) Supreme Gift by Deep Impact

    7 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY79,729,000
    1st: Queen Cup-G3 (Tokyo, T1600m); 3rd: Kyoto Kimpai-G3, Tokyo Shimbun Hai-G3; 5th: Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks)-G1

  • Happy Hour(2016, bay, horse) Success Silhouette by Deep Impact

    33 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY77,986,000
    1st: Falcon Stakes-G3 (Chukyo, T1400m), Suzuran Sho-OP (Sapporo, T1200m); 3rd: Daily Hai Nisai Stakes-G2; 5th: Shinzan Kinen-G3

  • Lubeck(2019, bay, colt) Reizend by Special Week

    8 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY67,460,000
    1st: Wakagoma Stakes-L (Chukyo, T2000m); 3rd: New Zealand Trophy-G2

  • Figlia Pura(2016, bay, mare) Princess Camellia by Sunday Silence (USA)

    16 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY56,974,000
    1st: Fairy Stakes-G3 (Nakayama, T1600m); 4th: Turquoise Stakes-G3, Fukushima Himba Stakes-G3; 5th: Shion Stakes-G3

  • Emu(2020, bay, filly) Sourire by Special Week

    8 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY55,304,000
    1st: Flower Cup-G3 (Nakayama, T1800m)

  • Satono Alicia(2014, bay, mare) La Luce by Kurofune (USA)

    12 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY51,824,000
    1st: Cosmos Sho-OP (Sapporo, T1800m); 5th: Artemis Stakes-G3

  • Arrival(2019, bay, colt) Culminar by Deep Impact

    5 starts 1 win in JRA, Earn JPY47,392,000
    2nd: Spring Stakes-G2, Niigata Niasai Stakes-G3; 4th: Keisei Hai-G3

  • Jealousy(2013, chestnut, mare) Glorious Days by Sunday Silence (USA)

    7 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY46,778,000
    1st: Sweetpea Stakes-L (Tokyo, T1800m); 4th: Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks)-G1

  • Harbin Mao(2015, chestnut, mare) Dancing Mao by Gold Allure

    9 starts 2 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY41,850,000
    1st: Kanto Oaks-L (Kawasaki, D2100m); 4th: Queen Sho-L; 5th: Breeders' Gold Cup-L