2007 b. 16.4hh (1.67m)
King Kamehameha – Air Groove
2024 Fee : JPY3,500,000

Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ Cup-G1 Winner by King Kamehameha.
Sire of 19 Graded winners including Dolce More, winner of the Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes-G1.



King Kamehameha
2001 b.
1990 b.
Mr. Prospector Raise a Native Native Dancer
Raise You
Gold Digger Nashua
Miesque Nureyev Northern Dancer
Pasadoble Prove Out
Santa Quilla
1991 dk.b.
Last Tycoon Try My Best Northern Dancer
Sex Appeal
Mill Princess Mill Reef
Irish Lass
Pilot Bird Blakeney Hethersett
Windmill Girl
The Dancer Green Dancer
Air Groove
1993 b.
Tony Bin
1983 b.
Kampala Kalamoun Zeddaan
State Pension Only for Life
Severn Bridge Hornbeam Hyperion
Priddy Fair Preciptic
Dyna Carle
1980 b.
Northern Taste Northern Dancer Nearctic
Lady Victoria Victoria Park
Lady Angela
Shadai Feather Guersant Bubbles
Peroxide Never Say Die
Feather Ball

Inbreeding / Northern Dancer 4D×5S×5D


Age Country Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings
2JPN1100JPY 7,000,000
3JPN73(1)10JPY 97,914,000
4JPN42(2)00JPY 167,384,000
5JPN61(1)1(1)4(4)JPY 277,466,000
Total208(5)2(1)4(4)JPY 549,764,000
Age FP Race Name · Grade Race Course Dist. Finish Time
21st2-Year-Old NewcomerHanshinT2000m2.04.7
31stNaruo Kinen-G3HanshinT1800m1.44.9
Principal Stakes-LTokyoT2000m1.59.1
Armeria ShoHanshinT1800m1.51.2
2ndWakagoma Stakes-OPKyotoT2000m2.02.2
5thTokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby)-G1TokyoT2400m2.27.2
Mainichi Hai-G3HanshinT1800m1.49.8
41stKinko Sho-G2KyotoT2000m2.02.4
Nikkei Shinshun Hai-G2KyotoT2400m2.24.6
4thArima Kinen (The Grand Prix)-G1NakayamaT2500m2.36.2
5thTakarazuka Kinen-G1HanshinT2200m2.11.0
51stQueen Elizabeth II Cup-G1Sha TinT2000m2.02.38
American Jockey Club Cup-G2NakayamaT2200m2.17.3
2ndTakarazuka Kinen-G1HanshinT2200m2.11.2
3rdJapan Cup-G1TokyoT2400m2.23.5
Arima Kinen (The Grand Prix)-G1NakayamaT2500m2.32.2
Tenno Sho (Autumn)-G1TokyoT2000m1.57.6
Nikkei Sho-G2NakayamaT2500m2.38.1


Rulership entered stud in Japan in 2013. He was crowned Japanese Champion Freshman Sire in 2016.

In 2023, he was responsible for five graded stakes winners, including Masked Diva, who won the Grade 2 Rose Stakes and finished second in the Grade 1 Shuka Sho; and Soul Rush, who took the Grade 3 Keisei Hai Autumn Handicap and finished second in the Grade 1 Mile Championship.

He was ranked tenth on the Japanese Leading Sire list in 2023.


  • Kiseki(2014, dark bay or brown, horse) Blitz Finale by Deep Impact PHOTO >

    33 starts 4 wins in JRA, HK & FR, Earn JPY701,403,000, Euro13,650, HK$1,425,000
    1st: Kikuka Sho (Japanese St. Leger)-G1 (Kyoto, T3000m); 2nd: Japan Cup-G1, Takarazuka Kinen-G1 (twice), Osaka Hai-G1, Kyoto Daishoten-G2, Kobe Shimbun Hai-G2; 3rd: Tenno Sho (autumn)-G1, Mainichi Okan-G2, Kyoto Daishoten-G2, Prix Foy-G2, Mainichi Hai-G3; 4th: HK Queen Elizabeth II Cup-G1; 5th: Arima Kinen (Grand Prix)-G1 (twice), Tenno Sho (autumn)-G1, Takarazuka Kinen-G1, Kinko Sho-G2; Sire

  • Mer de Glace(2015, dark bay or brown, horse) Glacier Blue by Sunday Silence (USA) PHOTO >

    19 starts 8 wins in JRA & AUS, Earn JPY183,468,000, AUS$3,160,000
    1st: MRC Caulfield Cup-G1 (Caulfield, T2400m), Naruo Kinen-G3 (Hanshin, T2000m), Kokura Kinen-G3 (Kokura, T2000m), Niigata Daishoten-G3 (Niigata, T2000m); Sire

  • Soul Rush(2018, dark bay or brown, horse) Eternal Bouquet by Manhattan Cafe

    18 starts 6 wins in JRA & HK, Earn JPY292,178,000, HK$1,920,000
    1st: Milers Cup-G2 (Hanshin, T1600m), Keisei Hai Autumn Handicap-G3 (Nakayama, T1600m); 2nd: Mile Championship-G1, Fuji Stakes-G2; 3rd: Milers Cup-G2; 4th: Mile Championship-G1, Hong Kong Mile-G1

  • Danburite(2014, dark bay or brown, gelding) Tanzanite by Sunday Silence (USA) PHOTO >

    31 starts 4 wins in JRA, HK & NAR, Earn JPY323,847,000
    1st: Kyoto Kinen-G2 (Kyoto, T2200m), American Jockey Club Cup-G2 (Nakayama, T2200m); 2nd: Kyoto Daishoten-G2, Saudi Arabia Royal Cup-G3; 3rd: Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1, Kyoto Kinen-G2, All Comers-G2, Yayoi Sho-G2, Kisaragi Sho-G3, Nagoya Grand Prix-L; 4th: Kobe Shimbun Hai-G2, Challenge Cup-G3; 5th: Kikuka Sho (Japanese St. Leger)-G1, Takarazuka Kinen-G1

  • Echt(2017, bay, horse) Hela by Deep Impact

    29 starts 5 wins in JRA & KSA, Earn JPY197,513,000
    1st: Kokura Kinen-G3 (Kokura, T2000m), Tanabata Sho-G3 (Fukushima, T2000m); 2nd: American Jockey Club Cup-G2; 3rd: Challenge Cup-G3

  • Dirndl(2016, dark bay or brown, mare) Grunewald by Special Week

    21 starts 6 wins in JRA, Earn JPY179,883,000
    1st: Fukushima Himba Stakes-G3 (Niigata, T1800m), Aoi Stakes-L (Kyoto, T1200m), Marguerite Stakes-L (Hanshin, T1200m), Christmas Rose Stakes-OP (Nakayama, T1200m), Canna Stakes-OP (Nakayama, T1200m); 2nd: Kitakyushu Kinen-G3; 3rd: Kokura Daishoten-G3; 4th: Victoria Mile-G1

  • Adirato(2014, dark bay or brown, horse) Narita Blue Star by Manhattan Cafe

    50 starts 6 wins in JRA, UAE & NAR, Earn JPY164,574,000, US$100,000
    1st: Green Channel Cup-L (Tokyo, D1400m), 2-Year-Old Maiden (Hanshin, D1400m, NTR); 2nd: Hyacinth Stakes-L; 3rd: Godolphin Mile-G2, Keyaki Stakes-OP, Marine Stakes-OP, Azumakofuji Stakes-OP

  • Muito Obrigado(2014, bay, horse) Pisa no Graf by Sunday Silence (USA)

    30 starts 6 wins in JRA, Earn JPY169,753,000
    1st: Copa Republica Argentina-G2 (Tokyo, T2500m), 4-Year-Old & Up 5,000,000 & Less (Kokura, T2600m, NTR); 2nd: Copa Republica Argentina-G2; 4th: Hanshin Daishoten-G2; 5th: Meguro Kinen-G2

  • Fairy Polka(2016, bay, mare) Fairy Dance by Agnes Tachyon

    24 starts 4 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY156,133,000
    1st: Nakayama Himba Stakes-G3 (Nakayama, T1800m), Fukushima Himba Stakes-G3 (Fukushima, T1800m); 2nd: Shion Stakes-G3; 3rd: Nakayama Himba Stakes-G3, Turquoise Stakes-G3, Wakakoma Stakes-L; 4th: Queen Stakes-G3, Turquoise Stakes-G3, Aichi Hai-G3, Sparking Lady Cup-L, Marine Cup-L; 5th: Flora Stakes-G2

  • Lily Noble(2015, bay, mare) Pure Chaplet by Kurofune (USA)

    6 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY138,099,000
    2nd: Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks)-G1, Hanshin Juvenile Fillies-G1; 3rd: Oka Sho (Japanese 1000 Guineas)-G1, Tulip Sho-G2

  • Lion Lion(2016, bay, horse) Agehibari by Kurofune (USA)

    10 starts 4 wins in JRA, Earn JPY137,484,000
    1st: Aoba Sho-G2 (Tokyo, T2400m), St. Lite Kinen-G2 (Nakayama, T2200m); sire

  • Big Ribbon(2018, bay, mare) Blitz Finale by Deep Impact

    10 starts 5 wins in JRA, Earn JPY116,892,000
    1st: Mermaid Stakes-G3 (Hanshin, T2000m); 2nd: Fukushima Himba Stakes-G3; 3rd: Wasurenagusa Sho-L

  • Masked Diva(2020, dark bay or brown, filly) Mask Off by Deep Impact

    5 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY112,522,000
    1st: Rose Stakes-G2 (Hanshin, T1800m, NNR); 2nd: Shuka Sho-G1

  • Dolce More(2020, bay, colt) Ayusan by Deep Impact

    2022 Best 2-Year-Old Colt
    10 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY111,540,000
    1st: Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes-G1 (Hanshin, T1600m), Saudi Arabia Royal Cup-G3 (Tokyo, T1600m)

  • Wonderful Town(2018, bay, horse) Sea of Love by Deep Impact

    16 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY109,757,000
    1st: Aoba Sho-G2 (Tokyo, T2400m), Kyoto Nisai Stakes-G3 (Hanshin, T2000m), 2-Year-Old Maiden (Niigata, T1800m, NTR); 4th: Naruo Kinen-G3

  • Sans Rival(2015, bay, horse) Un Fil Rouge by Agnes Tachyon

    7 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY93,381,000
    1st: Fuyo Stakes-L (Nakayama, T2000m); 2nd: Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1; 4th: Hopeful Stakes-G1, Yayoi Sho-G2

  • Ho O Ixelles(2018, bay, mare) Mejiro Audrey by Special Week

    13 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY71,417,000
    1st: Flower Cup-G3 (Nakayama, T1800m); 2nd: Fairy Stakes-G3

  • Passing Through(2016, bay, mare) Mighty Slew by Kurofune (USA)

    13 starts 3 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY70,525,000
    1st: Shion Stakes-G3 (Nakayama, T2000m); 3rd: Empress Hai-L; 4th: Flora Stakes-G2, Shinzan Kinen-G3

  • Tetradrachm(2015, bay, mare) Living Proof by Falbrav (IRE)

    11 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY70,480,000
    1st: Queen Cup-G3 (Tokyo, T1600m), Oro Cup-L (Tokyo, T1400m)

  • Hrimfaxi(2020, brown, colt) Reizend by Special Week

    8 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY60,394,000
    1st: Kisaragi Sho-G3 (Chukyo, T2000m); 5th: Kyoto Kimpai-G3

  • King's Rush(2014, bay, horse) Lycoris by Symboli Kris S (USA)

    7 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY30,489,000
    1st: Fuyo Stakes-L (Nakayama, T2000m); 4th: Tokyo Sports Hai Nisai Stakes-G3

  • Amati(2016, bay, mare) A Ma Facon by French Deputy (USA)

    3 starts 1 win in JRA, Earn JPY15,342,000
    3rd: Saudi Arabia Royal Cup-G3