2008 ch. 16.0hh (1.63m)
Stay Gold – Oriental Art
2023 Fee : JPY3,500,000

Sire of Marche Lorraine, the first BC Distaff-G1 winner in Japanese history.
Highest Triple Crown winner in Japan with a 129 IFHA rating.
Sire of 19 Graded winners including Lucky Lilac, 4-time G1 winner.



Stay Gold
1994 dk.b.
Sunday Silence
1986 br.
Halo Hail to Reason Turn-to
Cosmah Cosmic Bomb
Wishing Well Understanding Promised Land
Pretty Ways
Mountain Flower Montparnasse
Golden Sash
1988 ch.
Dictus Sanctus Fine Top
Doronic Worden
Dyna Sash Northern Taste Northern Dancer
Lady Victoria
Royal Sash Princely Gift
Sash of Honour
Oriental Art
1997 ch.
Mejiro McQueen
1987 g.
Mejiro Titan Mejiro Asama Partholon
Sweet Sixteen
Cheryl Snob
Mejiro Aurola Remand Alcide
Mejiro Iris Hindostan
Asama Yuri
Electro Art
1986 ch.
Northern Taste Northern Dancer Nearctic
Lady Victoria Victoria Park
Lady Angela
Grandma Stevens Lt. Stevens Nantallah
Rough Shod
Dhow Bronze Babu
Coastal Trade

Inbreeding / Northern Taste 3D×4S


Age Country Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings
  • 3yo (2011) JRA Horse of the Year & Best Three-Year-Old Colt
  • 4yo (2012) JRA Best Older Colt or Horse
  • 5yo (2013) JRA Best Older Colt or Horse
Age FP Race Name · Grade Race Course Dist. Finish Time
21st2-Year-Old NewcomerNiigataT1600m1.37.4
2ndFuyo Stakes-OPNakayamaT1600m1.35.3
31stTokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby)-G1TokyoT2400m2.30.5
Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1TokyoT2000m2.00.6
Kikuka Sho (Japanese St. Leger)-G1KyotoT3000m3.02.8
Arima Kinen (The Grand Prix)-G1NakayamaT2500m2.36.0
Kobe Shimbun Hai-G2HanshinT2400m2.28.3
Spring Stakes-G2HanshinT1800m1.46.4
2ndShinzan Kinen-G3KyotoT1600m1.34.2
3rdKisaragi Sho-G3KyotoT1800m1.47.8
41stTakarazuka Kinen-G1HanshinT2200m2.10.9
Prix Foy-G2LongchampT2400m2.34.26
2ndPrix de l'Arc de Triomphe-G1LongchampT2400m2.37.7
Japan Cup-G1TokyoT2400m2.23.1
Hanshin Daishoten-G2HanshinT3000m3.11.9
51stArima Kinen (The Grand Prix)-G1NakayamaT2500m2.32.3
Osaka Hai-G2HanshinT2000m1.59.0
Prix Foy-G2LongchampT2400m2.41.47
2ndPrix de l'Arc de Triomphe-G1LongchampT2400m2.33.2


Orfevre entered stud in Japan in 2014.

In 2022, his progeny showed excellence on both dirt and turf. On dirt, Ushba Tesoro stormed down the center of the course to capture the Grade 1 Tokyo Daishoten while trying grade 1 company for the first time, and Shonan Nadeshiko won the Listed (Jpn1) Kashiwa Kinen. In addition to the dirt stars, he was also represented by top-class turf performers: Silver Sonic, who captured the Grade 2 Stayers Stakes, and Lilac, who finished second in the Grade 1 Queen Elizabeth II Cup.

He was ranked seventh on the Japanese Leading Sire list in 2022.


  • Ushba Tesoro(2017, bay, horse) Millefeui Attach by King Kamehameha

    29 starts 9 wins in JRA, NAR & UAE, Earn JPY299,884,000, US$6,960,000
    1st: Dubai World Cup-G1 (Meydan, D2000m), Tokyo Daishoten-G1 (Oi, D2000m), Kawasaki Kinen-L (Kawasaki, D2100m), Brazil Cup-L (Tokyo, D2100m), Canopus Stakes-OP (Hanshin, D2000m)

  • Lucky Lilac(2015, chestnut, mare) Lilacs and Lace (USA) by Flower Alley (USA) PHOTO >

    2017 JRA Best 2-Year-Old Filly
    19 starts 7 wins in JRA & HK, Earn JPY737,467,000, HK$4,400,000
    1st: Osaka Hai-G1 (Hanshin, T2000m), Queen Elizabeth II Cup-G1 (Hanshin, T2200m), Queen Elizabeth II Cup-G1 (Kyoto, T2200m), Hanshin Juvenile Fillies-G1 (Hanshin, T1600m), Tulip Sho-G2 (Hanshin, T1600m), Artemis Stakes-G3 (Tokyo, T1600m); 2nd: Oka Sho (Japanese 1000 Guineas)-G1, Hong Kong Vase-G1, Nakayama Kinen-G2 (twice); 3rd: Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks)-G1, Sapporo Kinen-G2, Fuchu Himba Stakes-G2; 4th: Arima Kinen (Grand Prix)-G1, Victoria Mile-G1

  • Authority(2017, bay, horse) Rosalind by Symboli Kris S (USA)

    14 starts 6 wins in JRA, KSA & UAE, Earn JPY353,104,000, US$1,500,000
    1st: Copa Republica Argentina-G2 (Tokyo, T2500m) twice, Aoba Sho-G2 (Tokyo, T2400m), Neom Turf Cup-G3 (King Abdul Aziz, T2100m), Fuyo Stakes-L (Nakayama, T2000m); 2nd: Japan Cup-G1, Diamond Stakes-G3; 3rd: Dubai Sheema Classic-G1, Yayoi Sho Deep Impact Kinen-G2; 5th: Hopeful Stakes-G1; Sire

  • Silver Sonic(2016, grey, horse) Air Thule by Tony Bin (IRE)

    22 starts 6 wins in JRA & KSA, Earn JPY236,550,000, US$1,500,0000
    1st: Stayers Stakes-G2 (Nakayama, T3600m), Red Sea Turf Handicap-G3 (King Abdulaziz, T3000m); 3rd: Tenno Sho (Spring)-G1, Hanshin Daishoten-G2, Stayers Stakes-G2

  • Marche Lorraine(2016, bay, mare) Vite Marcher by French Deputy (USA)

    22 starts 9 wins in JRA, NAR, USA & KSA, Earn JPY193,279,000, US$1,640,000
    1st: Breeders' Cup Distaff-G1 (Del Mar, D9F), Ladies Prelude-L (Oi, D1800m), Empress Hai-L (Kawasaki, D2100m), TCK Jo O Hai-L (Oi, D1800m), Breeders' Gold Cup-L (Monbetsu, D2000m); 3rd: Heian Stakes-G3, JBC Ladies Classic-L

  • Shonan Nadeshiko(2017, chestnut, mare) Shonan Mao by Daiwa Major

    2022 NAR Dirt Grade (Principal Dirt) Race Special Prize
    27 starts 9 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY287,149,000
    1st: Kashiwa Kinen-L (Funabashi, D1600m), Empress Hai-L (Kawasaki, D2100m), Sparking Lady Cup-L (Kawasaki, D1600m), Marine Cup-L (Funabashi, D1600m), Canopus Stakes-OP (Hanshin, D2000m); 2nd: Betelgeuse Stakes-L, TCK Jo O Hai-L; 3rd: JBC Ladies Classic-L, Ladies Prelude-L, Queen Sho-L

  • Epoca d'Oro(2015, dark bay or brown, horse) Daiwa Passion by Forty Niner (USA) PHOTO >

    10 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY276,364,000
    1st: Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas)-G1 (Nakayama, T2000m); 2nd: Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby)-G1, Spring Stakes-G2; 4th: Kobe Shimbun Hai-G2; 5th: Nakayama Kinen-G2; sire

  • Justin(2016, chestnut, horse) Synesthesia (USA) by Gone West (USA)

    33 starts 9 wins in JRA, NAR, KSA & UAE, Earn JPY233,938,000, US$30,000
    1st: Capella Stakes-G3 (Nakayama, D1200m), Tokyo Hai-L (Oi, D1200m), Tokyo Sprint-L (Oi, D1200m), Yamato Stakes-OP (Hanshin, D1200m), Chiba Stakes-OP (Nakayama, D1200m); 3rd: Capella Stakes-G3, Cluster Cup-L; 4th: Negishi Stakes-G3, Cluster Cup-L; 5th: Sakitama Hai-L

  • Helios(2016, dark bay or brown, gelding) Ange Chouette by French Deputy (USA)

    32 starts 7 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY219,227,000
    1st: Green Channel Cup-L (Tokyo, D1400m), Shimotsuki Stakes-OP (Tokyo, D1400m) twice; 2nd: Negishi Stakes-G3, Mile Championship Nambu Hai-L, Kakitsubata Kinen-L, Kurofune Sho-L (twice); 3rd: JBC Sprint-L, Osasis Stakes-L, Kakitsubata Kinen-L; 5th: Sakitama Hai-L, Summer Champion-L

  • Gilded Mirror(2017, bay, mare) Titan Queen (USA) by Tiznow (USA)

    22 starts 4 wins in JRA, Earn JPY182,391,000
    1st: Musashino Stakes-G3 (Tokyo, D1600m), NST Sho-OP (Niigata, D1200m): 2nd: Negishi Stakes-G3, Arlington Cup-G3, Kyoto Himba Stakes-G3, Green Channel Cup-L; 3rd: NHK Mile Cup-G1, Turquoise Stakes-G3; 5th: Lord Derby Challenge Trophy-G3

  • So Valiant(2018, bay, horse) So Magic by Symboli Kris S (USA)

    14 starts 5 wins in JRA, Earn JPY168,392,000
    1st: Challenge Cup-G3 (Hanshin, T2000m) twice; 2nd: St. Lite Kinen-G2; 3rd: Sapporo Kinen-G2; 4th: Yayoi Sho Deep Impact Kinen-G2

  • Andraste(2016, dark bay or brown, mare) Validior by Dynaformer (USA)

    15 starts 5 wins in JRA, Earn JPY165,349,000
    1st: Chukyo Kinen-G3 (Kokura, T1800m); 2nd: Fuchu Himba Stakes-G2, Turquoise Stakes-G3 (twice); 3rd: Sekiya Kinen-G3; 4th: Epsom Cup-G3, Mermaid Stakes-G3

  • Kurino Premium(2017, chestnut, mare) Dancing Queen by Giant's Causeway (USA)

    29 starts 5 wins in JRA, Earn JPY165,333,000
    1st: Nakayama Himba Stakes-G3 (Nakayama, T1800m); 2nd: Nakayama Kimpai-G3, Fukushima Himba Stakes-G3; 3rd: Keisei Hai Autumn Handicap-G3, Fukushima Himba Stakes-G3; 5th: Kyoto Kimpai-G3, Nakayama Himba Stakes-G3

  • Bio Spark(2015, dark bay or brown, horse) Nanayo Tiara by Meiner Love (USA)

    41 starts 5 wins in JRA, Earn JPY158,948,000
    1st: Fukushima Kinen-G3 (Fukushima, T2000m); 2nd: Miyakooji Stakes-L; 3rd: Hakodate Kinen-G3 (twice)

  • Lagom(2018, chestnut, horse) Sugar Shock (USA) by Candy Ride (ARG)

    19 starts 4 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY150,289,000
    1st: Kisaragi Sho-G3 (Chukyo, T2000m), Andromeda Stakes-L (Hanshin, T2000m), Azumakofuji Stakes-OP (Fukushima, D1700m); 2nd: Kyoto Nisai Stakes-G3, Urawa Kinen-L, Hakusan Daishoten-L, Ivy Stakes-L; 3rd: Nagoya Grand Prix-L; 4th: American Jockey Club Cup-G2

  • Ocea Great(2016, bay, horse) Blue Danube (IRE) by Bahri (USA)

    20 starts 5 wins in JRA, Earn JPY131,099,000
    1st: Stayers Stakes-G2 (Nakayama, T3600m); 3rd: Diamond Stakes-G3

  • Shoryu Ikuzo(2016, chestnut, horse) Shoryu Moon by King Kamehameha

    17 starts 4 wins in JRA, Earn JPY125,415,000
    1st: Nikkei Shinshun Hai-G2 (Chukyo, T2200m); 3rd: Sumire Stakes-L; 5th: Kyoto Nisai Stakes-G3

  • Turbo(2016, chestnut, horse) Fair Ellen (USA) by Street Cry (IRE)

    29 starts 6 wins in JRA (incl. 6 starts 4 wins in JRA Jump Race), Earn JPY108,755,000
    1st: Hanshin Jump Stakes-JG3 (Chukyo, T3300m), Niigata Jump Stakes-JG3 (Niigata, T3250m)

  • Lilac(2019, bay, filly) Viva Bouquet by King Kamehameha

    11 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY107,245,000
    1st: Fairy Stakes-G3; 2nd: Queen Elizabeth II Cup-G1; 3rd: Shion Stakes-G3; 4th: Nikkei Sho-G2

  • Mixology(2019, chestnut, filly) Star Angel by Afleet (CAN)

    10 starts 5 wins in JRA, Earn JPY100,768,000
    1st: Diamond Stakes-G3 (Nakayama, T3400m), Manyo Stakes-OP (Chukyo, T3000m)

  • Shine Garnet(2017, chestnut, mare) Velvet Robe (USA) by Gone West (USA)

    17 starts 3 wins in JRA, Earn JPY97,508,000
    1st: Falcon Stakes-G3 (Chukyo, T1400m); 2nd: Silk Road Stakes-G3, Lapis Lazuri Stakes-L; 3rd: Oro Cup-L; 4th: Fairy Stakes-G3; 5th: Kyoto Himba Stakes-G3

  • Espoir(2016, chestnut, mare) Scarlet by Symboli Kris S (USA)

    12 starts 4 wins in JRA, Earn JPY83,895,000
    2nd: Turquoise Stakes-G3, Niigata Himba Stakes-OP; 3rd: Nakayama Himba Stakes-G3

  • Solace(2015, bay, mare) Laragh (USA) by Tapit (USA) PHOTO >

    17 starts 4 wins in JRA, Earn JPY80,957,000
    1st: Mermaid Stakes-G3 (Hanshin, T2000m)

  • Melody Lane(2016, bay, mare) Mowen (GB) by Motivator (GB)

    33 starts 4 wins in JRA, Earn JPY79,868,000
    1st: 3-Year-Old & Up 5,000,000 & Less (Hanshin, T2600m, NTR); 5th: Kikuka Sho (Japanese St. Leger)-G1, Hanshin Daishoten-G2, Stayers Stakes-G2

  • Ho O Peaceful(2017, chestnut, mare) Tsurumaru Onepiece by King Kamehameha

    17 starts 3 wins in JRA & NAR, Earn JPY78,341,000
    1st: Tomoe Sho-OP (Hakodate, T1800m); 2nd: Flora Stakes-G2; 4th: Nakayama Himba Stakes-G3, Queen Sho-L; 5th: Queen Stakes-G3

  • Bitterender(2017, bay, horse) Bitter Sweet by Afleet Alex (USA)

    12 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY47,871,000
    1st: Principal Stakes-L (Tokyo, T2000m); 2nd: Kyodo News Hai-G3; 4th: Keisei Hai-G3

  • Rock This Town(2015, chestnut, mare) Stray Cat by Storm Cat (USA) PHOTO >

    6 starts 2 wins in JRA, Earn JPY38,497,000
    1st: Sappro Nisai Stakes-G3 (Sapporo, T1800m)